Visionary Artist

Steve Adams

A seasoned, gifted and high energy
“ministry minded” Christian Brother!

Vocal artist/songwriter/producer/presenter, Steve has been singing nearly all his life. As a solo artist, he has been producing and performing great AcaSoul Gospel (acappella) music for over 18 years. He served our nation for 23 years in the US Air Force and retired Jan 2005. He has encouraged many audiences here in the US and abroad and earned the endearing nickname, “Mr. Excitement”.

The lyrical content of his songs are poignant and well expressed through the beauty and artistry of his most capable and fluid voice. His solo ministry was birthed through the crushing news that his only son had cancer and was about to die at 5 years old. He found consolation and inspiration through music which gave him a platform to confirm and promote his faith in God.

“Mr Excitement” &
“The Man of A Thousand Voices!”

He was led to turn the tragedy into triumph and give God the glory through it all. Though his son passed this life at 10 years old, Oct 2000, he has found strength in helping to strengthen others who face seemingly overwhelming challenges in their lives through his music or just being a good listening ear or a shoulder to cry on because he understands sorrow.

His music is refreshing and sincere, his voice is anointed and his messages are clearly those of a mature and realistic…brother! Through his music you will come to know and love him as so many others have over the years! His greatest desire for his ministry is that he will inspire everyone to take advantage of the opportunity to get to know God for themselves!

Some of Steve’s Career Highlights:

Earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Music Production/Composition and Engineering from the prestigious Performing Arts school: Full Sail University! Graduated Salutatorian #2 of his class!

  • Selected by the President of the National PTA for the Reflections Committee to promote the Arts in schools across America (2013-2015)
  • 1998–present – Constantly called upon for concert performances, workshops and other special events worldwide!
  • 2010 National Christian Acappella Music Artist award (NACAMA) Songwriter of the Year
  • 2000 National Christian Acappella Music Artist award (NACAMA) Best Male Vocalist
  • Participant in US Air Force premier talent showcases during his US Air Force career
  • Recognized with awards from performance organizations across the nation for his artistry and ministry
  • 2000 Recipient of the nation’s prestigious Tuskegee Airman Award for exceptional military leadership and accomplishment
  • ’94-’96 Selected to perform the National Anthem for Houston Rockets and Aeros games 

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